Images by Andee Collard

We have appointed an artist to respond to the printed copy of the Human Genome, one of only three copies, which is held in The University of Manchester NHS FT library on Oxford Road.

Andee Collard, the artist in residence for the project, has said this about his work:

The human genome as recorded in the Unversity’s printed volumes is sequenced fully but not yet completely interpreted. The work that I’m making confronts the anachronisms inherent with this subject. I’m interested in working with visual metaphors related to this vast research area. Everything about DNA is fascinating and my perceptions shift constantly. The micro macro of the topic has encouraged me to work across media, exploring new areas of work and methods of working. I am making oil paintings from documentary photographs, digital/analogue hybrid animations and using generative code. I see DNA as a maze filled a series of metaphors where understanding leads to more questions. I’m relishing the task of exploring the different paths.

Rosalind Franklin
Painting of ‘Photograph 51’
Test frames for animations
Test frames for animations
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