Commission: artist in residence

We have appointed an artist to respond to the printed copy of the Human Genome, one of only three copies, which is held in The University of Manchester NHS FT library on Oxford Road.

Andee Collard, from Bolton Contemporary is our artist ‘in residence’. Andee will be working closely with geneticists and other experts at the University of Manchester to produce a series of works responding to the printed human genome. Andee will respond to the text, exploring ways that this hardcopy of the Human Genome can inspire and challenge.

Andee’s first work will be made public on Rosalind Franklin’s 100th birthday, 25 July. The images can be found here.

This is a printed copy of the human genome DNA sequence which has ~3.2 billion nucleotides or ‘letters’.  The DNA sequence is composed of 4 ‘letters’ only; ACTG, which encodes and provides the instructions for the human life. The collection contains 130 books with a total of 122976 pages. Each page contains >33000 of the letters in a font size 4.5. The collection is multi-coloured to reflect the different 24 chromosomes on which the human genome is organised. The colours are inspired from an old technology that was used for genetic testing in the past

Organised by the Double-Helix History project, Manchester Royal Infirmary NHS Foundation Trust library, in association with Creative Manchester and supported by the Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support fund.

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